Holy Masses

Saturday Anticipation Mass:
5:30 PM (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)

7:00 AM (Polish) 
8:30 AM (English) 
10:30 AM (Polish)
12:00 Noon (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)


7:00 AM (Polish) MON - SAT
7:30 AM (Polish) MON - FRI
8:00 AM (English) MON - SAT

7:00 PM (Polish) MON - WED - FRI

Holydays of obligation:

Evening Before:
7:00 PM (English)

Day of obligation:
7:00 AM (Polish) 
8:00 AM (English) 
10:30 AM (Polish) 
7:00 PM (Polish) 



Baptism and Baptismal Preparation Programs:

Arrangements must be made by contacting the Rectory.

What does baptism give us?

  • It takes away original sin.
  • It makes the baptized person a "new creature" (Sacrament of New Birth).
  • It gives us God's life, makes us children of God.
  • It incorporates us into the community of the Church.
  • It imprints upon us an indelible spiritual mark.
  • It is necessary for salvation.
  • It opens the way for the reception of the remaining sacraments.

The duties of natural parents resulting from the baptism of their child:

  • Choosing at least one name of a saint for the child, that it has its patron and advocate in God
  • To convey to the child the basic truths of the faith and the principles of morality.
  • Teaching prayer and participation in Mass.
  • Sending the child to religion classes.
  • Preparation for the sacraments: Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation, in order to lead a mature and responsible Christian life.
  • Although the role of godparents is supportive of natural parents, they declare that they help parents to fulfill their essential duties of faith and natural duties, especially with regard to the upbringing and religious/human formation of the child. When natural parents are poorly practicing or even indifferent, the role of godparents therefore takes on primary importance to ensure the child's Christian upbringing.

The Church has the following requirements for godparents (can. 874):

  • They should be chosen by the parents of the child or the recipient of baptism.
  • Have expressed their willingness to take on this task and have the intention to carry out this ministry.
  • They must be over 16 years of age.
  • Are practicing Catholics and have already received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Live according to the faith and are suitable to undertake the baptismal task.
  • If they are spouses, they have received the sacrament of marriage (church wedding);
  • Persons living in a non-sacramental relationship may not perform the function of godparent.

Documents needed to register a child for baptism:

Only the child's parents can register their child for baptism.

  • Please register at least one month before the planned baptism.
  • If the child to be baptized is the first child of the parents, it will be necessary for both parents to attend a session of our Baptismal Preparation Program and the parents will be notified of the date of baptism.
  • If the parents are not enrolled in our parish, please provide your own pastor's consent for your child to be baptized in our parish.
  • Copy of birth certificate of the child.
  • Data on parents and godparents (names, surnames, addresses)
  • A certificate from the parish of residence (or enrollment) of godparents that they are practicing Catholics. 


Arrangements should be made at least ONE YEAR in advance.

Sick Calls:

Call anytime day or night.

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